The start

So this is going to be a bumpy ride and there is a lot to tell so stay with me.

In high school I didn’t really fit in so when I came home from school I would get on an online game that was like an open world and you could talk and hang out with people… I met my really good friend boo bear on that game (who I am still friends with to this day) but along with meeting her I met Alex. Me and Alex hit it off right away he was sweet charming and funny. Wasn’t long before we were talking off the game on Kik and then eventually we turned to skype calls. Everything was perfect… I was shy when we started Skyping so we only did audio calls at first. One night he talked me to going on camera for him and of course he sweet talked me by saying I was beautiful and things like that causing me to blush but he never went on camera for weeks after that.

Some things you should know is that he was the first guy that showed interest in me and there was a 5 hour time difference for us… we lived in different countries

Anyways when he eventually went on camera he was shy and I realized that he only went on late at night. We were great for six months. In that time span I found out that my dad had cancer, I had moved away to go to school, my dad couldn’t travel to help me move in, and I had made new friends. When y’all started hanging out with my friends and not spending all my time with him is when things started heading south… he told me that I was lucky he was dating me, I didn’t think anything of it just thought he was jealous and let it go.

One day while riding to Walmart (I’m in the US) with my friend I get a message from him saying he’s been hiding something from me and he needed to tell me… then he changed his mind about telling me… and me being the person I am kept pressuring him. By this time we were in the store and walking around and as I’m walking I get a message and he tells me he has a kid who just turned 1. I shut down in the middle of that store and become robotic. I grew up in a really religions methodist Christian church so I was always told to save myself for marriage so here I am in love with this guy for six months who I think I am saving myself for who has just told me he has a child… it hurt. When we get back out to the car I break down and tell my friend everything. At this point my relationship with this guy was a secret from everyone. I grew up in a small town, went to a small high school, and went to a private Christian college. This would be the talk if people found out but I had to confide in someone so I chose my friend and roommate to be my shoulder to cry on.

To be continued….

Main Peope

So the main people in the story right now will be listed here and remember I’m changing names.

•Me – Holly

•Him – Alex

•His brother

•His grandma

•Girl I met online – boobear

• His friend he met only – Kay

•His ex online gf- sky

There will be more people later but these will be in the first part of my time with him

About the Blog

Hey guys!

If anyone is reading this (doubt it) this blog is going to be my way of expressing myself and my feelings about an individual who I talked to 3 years ago and telling the story of us. There are things I left unsaid and things I regret not doing that I will be doing on here to get it off my chest. I don’t expect anyone to read this. This is a therapeutic way to get it off my chest and put it in the past so I can get on with my life. If you however stumble upon my blog and read my misadventures with this person then good luck and get ready for some stories of you thinking to yourself “girl what were you thinking?!”

•I will not be using any real names in this story to protect everyone involved I will change everyone’s names including mine. I enjoy writing and feel as if this is a way to help myself. I am by no means trying to ruin anyone’s life or out anyone’s dirty secrets… with that said I will not be giving out any specific details about said person or myself that will tell where we are located or ways to identify us.